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Google CSS Partner

Looking to boost the effectiveness of your Google Ads shopping campaigns? Take advantage of our Sellie CSS service and get 20% discount on your Google Shopping Ads CPC.

Google CSS example

20% cheaper clicks


21 European countries


450+ online stores

Google Merchant Center with full control

Full control

With Sellie CSS, you’ll receive a new Google Merchant Center CSS account of which you will be the administrator. It’s complete control and freedom to operate. You configure the Merchant account yourself and independently manage your Google Ads campaigns.

Limitless potential

No matter how many products your online store has. With Sellie CSS, you can connect any number of products to advertise in 21 European countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Spain, Netherlands, Ireland, Germany, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Switzerland, Sweden, Hungary, United Kingdom, Italy.

Google Merchant Center with full control
Redseo - Reliable Partner

Reliable Partner

Sellie is a Google CSS service delivered by the interactive agency Redseo. Since 2013, Redseo has been executing Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and SEO campaigns for e-commerce stores in Poland and Europe.

If you need support from a Google Ads agency and aim to achieve exceptional sales results in e-commerce, contact Redseo.

Sellie CSS Pricing

Monthly subscription


Act flexibly in a monthly subscription.

Reduced CPC costs by up to 20%

Unlimited number of products

Access to 21 European countries

Full control of Google Merchant Center

Professional email support

No additional costs

Cancel anytime

Annual subscription

€228 €190

Buy an annual subscription and get 2 months free!

Reduced CPC costs by up to 20%

Unlimited number of products

Access to 21 European countries

Full control of Google Merchant Center

Professional email support

No additional costs

Cancel anytime

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the “Google CSS” program?

Google CSS (Comparison Shopping Service) is a service for comparing product prices and displaying them in Google Ads product ads. With the Sellie CSS service, you can reduce CPC click costs in product ads by 20%.

If you need detailed information on how the Google CSS service works, check the help article on the Google website.

What will I get by purchasing Sellie CSS?

By purchasing a Sellie CSS subscription, you will receive a new Google Merchant Center account of the “CSS” type, allowing you to reduce the CPC costs of your Google Ads product ads. The new CSS Merchant Center account will require your configuration, connection to your Google Ads account, and the launch of new product ads, making it a self-service type of service.

How does the 20% CPC click discount work?

The CPC click cost reduction is automatically applied to your Google Ads account if you run product campaigns using a CSS Merchant Center account. This also applies to Performance Max campaigns.

A click rate of €0.80 through a campaign using Sellie CSS has the same value as a bid of €1 through a regular Google Shopping campaign.

You pay less for clicks on product ads and achieve better results.

Can I transfer an existing Google Merchant Center account to CSS?

Certainly, you can. Inform us by providing the ID number of your Google Merchant Center account, and we will transfer it to the CSS service. You will remain the account administrator, and your Google Ads product campaigns will continue to run seamlessly.

Does the CSS service work for Performance Max campaigns?

Yes, a CSS-type Google Merchant Center account can be used for both classic product campaigns and Performance Max campaigns.

Can I have multiple CSS for my online store?

Yes, you can use multiple CSS-type Google Merchant Center accounts simultaneously for your online store.

If two CSSs advertise the same merchant, the winning offer and the price paid by the winning CSS in the Google Ads auction will be the same as if those bids had been placed by one CSS.

The merchant does not compete against itself across different CSSs.

Can you launch Google Ads campaigns for me?

The Sellie CSS service is a self-service type – you receive a CSS-type Google Merchant Center account from us and independently run your campaigns, leveraging the benefits of CSS.

However, if you need support in running Google Ads campaigns, our agency team, Redseo, is happy to assist with comprehensive Google Ads campaign management. Inquire about comprehensive Google Ads services on the agency’s website (Polish language website)

Will I receive an invoice?

Certainly, you will receive an invoice via email immediately after placing the order. Remember to provide the correct company details in the order basket.

Do you have any questions about Google CSS?